The old stock of the landscape painter Marius BREUIL (1850-1932) was discovered in 1999. A prolific correspondence was also found. It tells us a lot about the life of this artist. He was a major witness of his time and the friend of all bright artists, writers, actors, patrons of the art and other creators living at this time in the south of France area called “la Provence”, especially in the town called Avignon.

His work remained for a large part unknown during at least one hundred years. His style was a wonderful union of rigor and severity and of an extraordinary sense of the light that was rarely reached.

This discovery is an incredible treasure, a part of the great painting art in Provence in the 20th century and of "Avignon's school".

Expositions récentes consacrées exclusivement à Marius BREUIL
- 2000 : Chapelle du Collège - CARPENTRAS
- 2001 : Médiathèque Ceccano - AVIGNON
- 2002 : Centre Culturel - SAINT RAPHAËL

Expositions de groupe :
- 2004 : Hôtel de Ville . Les Angles
- 2004 : Chapelle des Pénitents Bleus . La Ciotat

Marius BREUIL ( 1850-1932 ) - Paysagiste provençal (G.Ferrua - R.Mérindol -2000)

A lire :
Printemps 2005 - Etats-Unis (NY)
Dans cet ouvrage écrit par Elisabeth MOWRY, Watson-Guptill Publications (New-York), grande spécialiste en la matière, figure Marius BREUIL aux côtés de Claude MONET, Camille COROT, Georges INNES et Martin Johnson HEADE.